It’s all new and bewbs!

Welcome to the all new Students of the Strange. Now you’re probably asking yourself, “Hey it’s another one of those new-fangled bloggie sites, why am I here?” Good question well informed and beautiful visitor. This site used to be something else, and not it’s well…something else again. But a good something else not like the time you walked in on your sister changing and then had those horrible feelings inside. No this is the good kind of different, the kind that makes me glad and perhaps put on a parade, and hey everyone loves a parade right? Sure they do.

Students of the Strange is a collective of gamers and movie fans who love to blog about the things we love. Those being anything game and  movie related. It may be as random as a 1985 commerical of Super Mario that aired on TV promoting some kick ass Happy Meal toy, or something as up to date as the latest going on’s in Sony central aka Dreamland 5000. Were not up and running just yet, but we will be soon. In the meantime here’s Fran from Final Fantasy XII to keep you company.


~ by Mike on February 14, 2007.

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