Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix

by Ernie

In an effort to make more money out of the countless gamers on the face of this earth that love Kingdom Hearts, Square Enix is releasing a buttered up version of Kingdom Hearts II in the name of “Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix”

Similar to the original Final Mix version, this one will include the whole audio in english for the Japanese audience with the subtitles in Japanese. What makes this game really special, apart from the new scenes, bosses and dungeons that will be added is that it includes a second disc with an entire 3D remake of the GBA title Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. Now, it will still be card based, but Squeenix says that people are going to enjoy it.

Now, multiple discs, extra dungeons, bosses, scenes and a complete remake of the GBA Kingdom Hearts, now thats what I call a bundle, its no wonder I keep going broke with packages like this. The game will be released at the end of March for the Japanese audience and there is word that it will be in America by the end of the year, though this hasnt been confirmed. Now, considering that 60% of the earnings Squeenix made with KH2 were from dear old US of A, it would be pretty stupid on their part to not release it here. After all, its all about cashing in, otherwise they wouldnt have bothered by making a remake. For now, until more news are released, enjoy these screenshots.


~ by Ernie on February 14, 2007.

4 Responses to “Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix”

  1. i still haven’t ventured into the land of kingdom hearts yet. i think i should try my hand at it one of these days. but come on, donald and goofy?

  2. Before I thought like man whatever square. Although that’s a freaking nice package right there. Sigh… so much for when I used to say I would just import brand new games.

  3. I cant wait tell it comes out

  4. i luvv it!! its frikin awesumm!!

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