Aaron Eckhart Is Two Face

by Jon

There has been some pretty heated debate about the casting choices for the sequel to Batman Begins. Heath Ledger as joker is a subject of much argument on forums, and perhaps this next nugget will start some more pointless flame wars. Variety dropped the bomb that Aaron Eckhart will be the next Two Face. Eckhart is a talented actor who has always shown his chops even in the shittiest of roles (Paycheck anyone?)should do a good enough job. However, I’m all for Tommy Lee Jones reprising the role of Two Face. That guy is a complete fug monster who frankly, looks more like two face than Eckhart ever could. That’s just me. Needless to say, when this film does come out it will be my film of the year, because Nolan is a God. His only mishap being Insomniac which was dreadfully mediocre considering how amazing his past work is.


~ by plugthis on February 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “Aaron Eckhart Is Two Face”

  1. tommy lee jones….no way! nolan has done a good job of seperating himself from the past s–t fest batman films. besides, eckhart is a hell of a lot better choice than jamie fox.

    maggie gyllenhaal to replace katie holmesas rachel dawes.

  2. Eckhart over Foxx is a huge deal. Although Foxx is a very good actor, Eckhart is a much better fit for the role. maggie gyllenhaal over Katie Holmes any day of the week. Why that girl turned down $2.5 million to return is beyond me. She’s a horrible actress, so she should take what she can get or whatever Tom allows to take.

  3. what do you mean “more like two face than eckhart ever could”? the Harvey Dent side of two face had no features that stood out, so basically he could’ve been played by anyone, and eckhart is a great actor so i say the nolan made the right choice.

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