Is that a 360 in your pocket, or is…NM…that IS a 360 in your pocket

 By Goffey

 So looks like another shot is allowed to be taken at Sony.

It appears a store in Australia set up a display for the much anticipated PS3 down under. From affar the display looks normal but upon closer inspection it appears as if not only is the PS3 fake but is actually a cardboard cut-out. But here’s the zinger, behind the flat PS3 is a 360 with a DVD loaded into the system showing videos of current and upcoming PS3 games………W…T…F indeed.

Ofcourse this could have been the idea of the manager of the store but it’s still funny nontheless.

 The Puuurdy PS3

 Whats behind that big bad wolf?


~ by goffey on February 16, 2007.

6 Responses to “Is that a 360 in your pocket, or is…NM…that IS a 360 in your pocket”

  1. That is fucking great. This just made my day. Thanks Goffey.

  2. they just couldn’t use a cheap $100 DVD player instead? Where’d that store manager buy his GED from?

  3. i always like to start the weekend with a good laugh.

  4. very funny indeed

  5. LOL! I saw this in EB in Perth city yesterday, but was unable to get any pics seeing as I dont carry my camera everywhere 😦

  6. Well, we can always leave it to Sony to provide entertaining news, this is freakin hilarious

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