No More Heroes to be more Brutal Than Manhunt 2?

by Mike


Killer 7 was one of the games on the cube that you either loved or hated. Suda 51 seems to be going with that them and bringing his own style of massive action to the Wii with No More Heroes. But he aims to make it a Tarintino style affair.

The director, ( Suda 51), had an interview with IGN and spoke about his up coming Wii exclusive-

The story begins when Travis is ranked at the eleventh place of the killer association by an unexpected coincidence. Travis is now a qualified assassin on this ranking list, and aims to become the ultimate, strongest assassins of all.

No More Heroes is not an “on-rails”-style adventure game. It is a free running/roaming style action game.

I’ll also try my best to make No More Heroes as violent, or even more violent than Manhunt 2!

A game more violent then Manhunt 2 on a Nintendo platform. Wow, things sure as shit are changing. I wonder if this means that the game will be filled with coke, gangbangs and then murder gangbangs.


[Source Destructoid]


~ by Mike on February 17, 2007.

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