PS3 start up sequence sound: Now you too can feel fancy

by Mike 


If your a poor bastard like myself or hell most of the staff here at Students of the Strange, you probably haven’t gathered up enough cash to drop down on the PS3. Surely while most PS3 owners are waiting for good games to come, one thing keeps them company: the soothing classical sounds of the boot up sequence. Now you too can feel  like an elitist who spent too much on a console/blu-ray player/door to the 4th dimension.

The folks over at PS3 Mods have that super classy music file ready for your mobile phone or PC start-up needs.  Personally I like to hear it in the morning to when I’m brushing my teeth. It makes me feel special the rest of the day.


~ by Mike on February 17, 2007.

3 Responses to “PS3 start up sequence sound: Now you too can feel fancy”

  1. where do you get this from? thanks

  2. yeah its all well and good that yoi’re sharing your interests with us, but where is this ‘startup sound’?

  3. yea ur a fuckhead, fucking wheres this fucking sound u fuckwhit.

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