PS3 price drop soon?

by Ernie

According to Reuters, the possibilty of a price drop for the doorway to the fourth dimension, otherwise known as PS3 is more real than ever before. One of the biggest reasons to why the PS3 is so expensive is because of the Cell chip, since it has to be made in-house. Sony plans to slash down the costs (they are already loosing a lot of greenback with each PS3 they sell for 600 anyways) by reducing the nanometre circuitry lenght (from 60-90 to 45 nanometre). If Sony keeps finding nice ways to cut back costs, we may see nice price drops on the console soon, maybe end of 2008 or beggining of ’09, now all we have to do is wait. A slimmer PS3 would also be nice, Im afraid of that freakin colossus breaking apart my desk due to the weight. If anything, they should really hurry up and brings those price drops sooner, what, with M-Softie already heavily considering 360 price drops for later in the year.

[Source: PALGN]


~ by Ernie on February 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “PS3 price drop soon?”

  1. you can expect a serious price drop on the 360 well before the PS3, solidifying there lead. I want a PS3, but a price drop is the only thing I can think of that will compel me to buy it.

  2. Oh yeah Ernie, I have to agree with Jon. A price down as of now is they only way I can see me getting the system. To be fair though I didn’t purchase a PS2 until the price drop before $130 so I guess history is repeating itself.

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