Viva Pinata 2 Confirmed: Paper animals everywhere panic


The good folks over at The Last Boss, the sneaky fantastic bastards that they are really know how to pay attention. Case in point, is hosting an interview with Rare artist Ryan Stevenson. Stevenson let slip some details on a new Viva Pinata and how they really want to flesh out the franchise. From what it sounds like, those damn Pinatas are gonna be on White consoles everywhere…yes I’m including the DS lite as well. You can watch the entire interview here.


~ by Mike on February 19, 2007.

8 Responses to “Viva Pinata 2 Confirmed: Paper animals everywhere panic”

  1. I think the game will do very well on the DS. It’s unfortunate not too many people bought it for the 360……buuuuuut I can’t really say anything since I am one of those people who didn’t buy it =)

  2. ahhh I can’t wait. Viva is hotness.

  3. viva pinata is a very addictive game, and fun if you like to work hard at “playing God”. it’s worth renting at least once!

  4. sweet now i can feed my addiction to this game anywhere, (now if only halo was portable).

  5. I hope they release it on ds, ps2 or psp

  6. psh it should go for Xbox 360 angain DS sucks the Graphics suck no1 would nuy it i wouldnt if it was for DS

  7. I love viva pinata but i don’t have a xbox 360 so i can’t have it….. I kinda wish that it came out for the DS because it IS an addictive game but i do agree the graphics would totally suck..

  8. I would love if this came out on DS, sure the graphics wouldn’t be that great but no offense if you bought a DS in hopes of good graphics being produced in any game then you must be on some kinda of crack. Having the game on DS would appeal far more to the younger ages as right now on Xbox it appeals more to older people who get addicted and then never leave there house. this would be really lovely!

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