Achievement Whores Unite. The X-Bot Loves You

by Jon

I’m all about getting achievement points, but this is just ridiculous. Someone was driven enough to to build a robot to get the 2000 match achievement in Perfect Dark Zero, which provides a measly 60 achievement points. The X-Bot is an automated button pusher that does all that painful button pushing for you. All this for 60 points?

Initially I went for the 1000 by hand and I noticed that it came down to only 2 button presses. That and it didn’t matter if I actually won matches. I only had to participate in a match while a hoard of bots did the rest by getting to the kill count. I could just stand there like a stooge and let ’em kick my, and each others’, virtual butts.

The idea of me sitting there and pushing 2 buttons every 2 minutes manually, ugh, would be boring as watching a 300 baud modem download a 5meg file (Age test…who remembers 300 baud modems?). What if something could mash them 2 buttons for me while I did more important things…? Thus the xBot idea was born…

For more of the article and more photos head here

[Via:Evil Avatar]


~ by plugthis on February 19, 2007.

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