Extra content to bring life to lost game

by Goffey

1up is reporting that the extra map pack for the new CAPCOM IP Lost PLanet will hit the XBL marketplace on March the 9th and cost you $5(400 MS points)

The pak will include a patch for the MP portion of the game aswell as two brand new maps “Radar Field” and “island 902”

This will try an instill some more life into the Lost Planet life force by giving users something new to try out. Not that Lost Planet is a bad game, but once a lot of 360 users beat the single player and put in a few hours of the MP it seems as if the popularity of the title diminished…..because you know…360 players have the attention span equal to that of a sex offender on a nude beach.

Lost planet


~ by goffey on February 19, 2007.

One Response to “Extra content to bring life to lost game”

  1. The demo was quite fun. I think a lot of the problem was the game just took too long to be released. By the time it was released, it had too much competition. If this had come out in May-June it would have done very well.

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