Virtual Console killer app?

by Jeffrey

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (pardon the pun) the rumors were true folks. Donkey Kong Country will indeed be availble for download on the Wii virtual console this week for the price of $8.

donkey kong country

Donkey Kong(TM) Country (Super NES(R), 1-2 players, 800 Wii Points): Donkey Kong Country is an incredible island adventure, and the first game to feature Donkey Kong’s sidekick, Diddy Kong(R). Challenged by the crazed tribe of reptilian Kremlings, the Kongs face their cunning adversaries armed with lightning-quick moves, chest-pounding muscle and awesome aerial acrobatics. The duo also gets help from a host of friends and family, from Funky Kong(TM), Cranky Kong(TM) and Candy Kong(TM) to Rambi(TM) the rhino, Expresso(TM) the ostrich, Enguarde(TM) the swordfish, Squawks the parrot and Winky the frog. This game has more than 30 levels, plus dozens of hidden caves and secret rooms — more than 100 areas in all. Help the Kongs recover their stolen banana hoard!

Credit goes to Siliconera for this great bit of Nintendo news love, now if your wondering what the big deal is about this SNES throwback being available for folks to play again well simple, the game was great! Rare and Nintendo gave us a lengthy fun filled platformer with cool animals, which I could have sworn was completely 3D. In all honesty the game marks the fact that the big N knows what we Wii owners need in this time of new game system uncertainty. So will dropping $8 on this game be worth it? You better believe it everyone. To think I almost failed the forth grade because of my love/obsession for this game. Time to let history repeat itself!


~ by accelzero on February 19, 2007.

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