Even Stevens Joining Indiana Jones?

by Mike 


In the world of Indiana Jones IV news, several sites have reported that Shia LaBeouf will have a large part in the upcoming movie, probably playing Indiana’s son and definitely ruining the movie. It’s not that Even Stevens is such a bad actor, it’s just that adding more relative characters is surely a bad sign for the series, particularly if they’re also adding these member of the Jones clan:

Ohio Jones – Seldom-mentioned brother of Indiana, named not after a pet but love of the actual state, Ohio is seldom seen without his signature derby cap and length of rope. The siblings frequently butts heads over who had the better discovery: Indy finding the Ark of the Covenant or Ohi finding how much a hint of almond extract added to his famous pancake batter.

Uncle Poopy Jones – Brother of Dr. Jones, Sr., Uncle Poopy’s habitual flatulence always seems to slip out at the wrong times, alerting Nazis and treasure hunters alike to his presence.

Indiana (dog) – Thanks to an ancient relic found in a Mayan temple, Indiana Jones was able to resurrect his deceased eponymous dog to aid in his adventures. Voices by Robin Williams, this CGI creation will always sniff down the treasure… unless someone puts a cat in his way!

It should be noted, I have no evidence of these other characters existing anywhere.


~ by Mike on February 20, 2007.

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