We’ve got videos!


As this site grows so do the features, and lookie here- now we have some of the hottest games videos on the right hand sidebar for your game loving consumption. The collection will grow and best of all they play right there in your browser. Hope you guys enjoy.


~ by Mike on February 20, 2007.

15 Responses to “We’ve got videos!”

  1. NICE!!
    Definitly a good touch…..only time will tell before we have access to porn!

  2. What is this? Videos now? What are we? Media Whores? oh……oh yeah! Thats right, we are! lol

  3. i love videos…

  4. i love short comments…

  5. i also love pizza…

  6. Oh this is nice news for the site. I have some ideas to use this feature with future game reviews and what not. Visual aids are loved by all.

  7. videos are for dumb people that don’t like to read.


  8. fucking awesome. short comment ftw.

  9. Hmm..nothing to say but I just want to see that comment counter rise again.

  10. goffey quit posting useless comments. Gosh!

  11. wow, what a bunch of useless comments…

    did I mentioned I like pizza?


    cool, cause I love chinese food too

  12. could you guys be a little more professional?

    what the f–k!

    i like panda express, does that count as chinese?

  13. Mmmmm Chicken balls

  14. Professor Zombie told me to tell you asshats to stop spamming the page or he’s gonna eat your brains. K thnx

  15. Ok well i guess Zombies don’t like chinese food

    last comment….I swear.

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