3 big mysteries solved on tonight’s Lost?

by Ernie

Well, if you are one of the millions hooked on the visual crack, otherwise known as Lost, you may find it exciting that 3 of the series “biggest” mysteries will be answered on tonight’s episode “Stranger in a Strange Land” airing at 10/9 c.

Now, apparently, one of said mysteries will be the origin of the Others, and what is their purpose, which is taken by Cindy, a former crash survivor seemingly turned Other, who says that the others are “here to watch” in the promo, whatever that means. What could be the other mysteries though, perhaps the monster, and what is it ( I would love if this was one of the mysteries solved ) or maybe the explanation of the miracles around the island and why they happen. Hey, perhaps they might even go into a more elaborate explanation of what the numbers are. Then there is also that patch-eyed dude they saw on the screen in the pearl station ( He must be connected to that glass eye they found at the arrow station ) maybe he holds the key to understanding who the DHARMA Initiative really is. Maybe theyll even reveal why is everyone on the island conected somehow.

With a series with so many mysteries, tonight could prove to be a great show, perhaps one of the best in the series. What, with Season 3 declining a little in ratings, and Heroes becoming the new must watched, this episode is just what Lost needs to go hot again. All that is left to do is speculate until the night and see what happens. If the ratings do go up in Lost again, however, it may always be doomed to fall again as second place behind CSI: Miami, as the most watched shows in USA, never to be number one. Damn you David Caruso!!!


~ by Ernie on February 21, 2007.

One Response to “3 big mysteries solved on tonight’s Lost?”

  1. hopefully, one of the mysteries they cover tonight will be what the hell happened to walt and michael?

    i’m glad you are covering lost, because there really isn’t anything stranger than this show.

    that last episode revolving around desmond, really restored my faith in the show.

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