360 getting slashed?

By: Goffey

360 cut

A report out of www.teamxbox.com points at a few hints of a possible price drop in regards to the premium edition of the Xbox 360.

In an interview with Microsofts chief executive he was asked whther or not we’d see a drop soon. His reply was

“I think every console in the world has had a price decrease sometime in the first few years. I don’t know whether we’ll have a price decrease in the first few years, and I don’t want to comment on that, but I will highlight for you that every console has had a price decrease in the first few years.”

Now although this wouldn’t seem like concrete information by any means, but it’d make a lot of sense for MS to drop the premium pack to that of the price of the core and then add in the zephyr(120 gig HD and an HDMI port) additions and sell that for the price of the existing premium. This would not only eliminate the core altogther, as many would agree it was a retarded choice to say the least that MS decided to go with in the first place.

However there is more proof to this pudding(yes……I did just say that)

A retailor known as MAKRO accross the world in Europe has an add selling the premium 360 at 199 euro(the price of the core edition there) Could this just be a sale for that specific retailor, or could this just be a sign of things to come?



~ by goffey on February 21, 2007.

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