Monster Squad Coming to DVD: Remember Wolfman…Kick him in the Nards!


Moster Squad was one of those flicks in the 80’s that was an instant classic. I mean it had everything! Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman and even a damn Mummy; all wrapped around a crazy 80’s plot that involved kids saving the world. It was camp, funny and we loved it. Finally it’s coming out on DVD.

Fangoria recently caught up with DVD aficionado Michael Felsher who runs Red Shirt Pictures and has done work on the recently released Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Ultimate Edition, and also is currently working on Diary of the Dead. But right now he is hard at work on getting all the things together for the 20th Anniversary DVD of Monster Squad.

During Monster Mania he revealed some details about what will be on the upcoming disc. We can look forward to a brand new HD transfer along with a new transfer in the original 2.35:1 aspect ratio that has never been shown in the U.S. before. There was also a commentary that was just recorded with Fred Dekker, Andre Gower, Ashley Bank and Ryan Lambert.

Felsher also promised a lot more will be revealed in the coming days with more features. Included in those will be a panel that was filmed during the convention with the quartet and creature actors Duncan Regehr (Dracula), Tom Noonan (Frankenstein’s monster) and Tom Woodruff Jr. (Gillman). It sounds like this disc will be jam packed!

So when you can you get your mitts on a copy? According to Felsher we should be able to pick it up sometime before Halloween. That sounds like a long time from now.. But hey we have waited 20 years for this, whats another couple months?


~ by Mike on February 21, 2007.

3 Responses to “Monster Squad Coming to DVD: Remember Wolfman…Kick him in the Nards!”

  1. it’s NARDS….kick him in the nards!!!!
    Such a great movie…..well at least I remember it being one. Wonde rif it still holds up?

  2. creature stole my twinkie.

  3. I loved this movie and have been looking for it forever! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

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