Wii puts on the afro and skimpy pants and makes you loose weight

by Ernie

Are you a gamer that finds that wonderful aroma of a glazed donut irresistible? Does your soul travel to the heavens when you munch on a nice chinese meal, singing to yourself “the greasier, the better”? Well, are you in luck, because new studies reveal that playing Wii may help you in being able to see your feet again.

A new study claims that extended use of consoles like Nintendo Wii really can burn calories – helping tubby gamers shed up to 27 pounds in a year. It turns out that games playing expends 60% more energy than sitting around; but playing Wii burns 156% more energy than pure sloth. A gamer who takes on Wii for 12 hours a week, can burn about 1,800 calories.

Now, considering that with college and everything I manage to play anywhere from 2-6 hours per day; are these studies saying that I could be loosing 1,800 – 5,400 calories per week? Wow, suddenly Im thinking “screw this diet and those tasteless 90 calorie soups I have to eat for lunch” and Im considering just getting a Wii and playing Zelda until the ladies come at me like I sweat AXE. Now, this may all seem like a fantasy, but considering that these studies were indeed done by Liverpool John Moores University, to establish if “tubby” gamers could be persuaded to shed pounds thru gaming, Im inclined to believe this is true.

Lead researcher Professor Tim Cable said: “Through our testing it is clear that the motion sensor-controlled console can make an impact on a child’s heart rate, energy expenditure and the amount of calories burned. Research that, on average, gamers in the UK currently spend around 12.2 hours a week playing computer games. Therefore, it is important to promote as much activity as possible during this time.”

You heard the man, dont be playing that 360 or PS3, which of course, makes you fat. Grab a Wii and look slammin’ instead!

[Source: Next Generation]


~ by Ernie on February 21, 2007.

One Response to “Wii puts on the afro and skimpy pants and makes you loose weight”

  1. Yeah I’m sorry but nah Nintendo. Its all a good idea but I seem to doubt it. Although many products and services that claim the same have done well before. I just skeptical because I’d rather work on stay in shape like I normally do by running, working out, and playing basketball religiously.

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