Wing Commander Coming to Xbox 360?

by Mike


Siliconera spotted an interesting entry on the ESRB website. It seems that a Wing Commander title from Electronic Arts was recently rated for the Xbox 360 (it got an E). The game’s full title is Wing Commander Arena. Wing Commander, for those who don’t know is a classic PC action flight sim that kicked all kinds of ass. Best of all it hard Mark Hamill as Maverick, the hotshot pilot who was the mainstay of the series. Considering EA is bringing back Command and Conquer, could this be a new next-gen episode in the Wing Commander universe? I sure as hell hope so, we need Mark Hamill now more then ever.


~ by Mike on February 21, 2007.

2 Responses to “Wing Commander Coming to Xbox 360?”

  1. those ummmm “wings” look very good.

    Wing Commander II was such an awesome game.

  2. can I have some wings with those breasts. What a rack. Anyway, Mark Hamill is my hero.

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