Zephyr closer to reality

By: Goffey


More speculation to an ongoing rumour.

The latest Game informer is reporting that certain retail chains are seeing a new Xbox 360 SKU in their systems.

The system is to indeed contain a 120 gigHDD as well as an HDMI port. Also a more asthetic change will take place aswell as the system is apparently black.

To some this decision would seem like a good one, however something in the article stands out. The price is listed as being $479.00 USD which would be $79 more than the current premium edition. Why MS…..Why? Not only will you already be somewhat segmenting your market with the new hardware updates(moreso the HDMI output rather than the HDD since bets are there will be a 120 gig HDD sold standalone aswell) you’ll also be confusing the market by added yet a THIRD SKU!!! C’mon, try to at LEAST keep it at 2.

Anyways, the retailors have also said that this new version is showing available as early as May 1 2007. No comment/announcement has been made officially by Microsoft but if there is one thing we all know in regards to the gaming industry…..where there is smoke, there is always…….ok maybe almost…….maybe sometimes……some fire…….or at least a spark.


~ by goffey on February 21, 2007.

13 Responses to “Zephyr closer to reality”


  2. quick everyone! sell your 360 now that it still has some value!

  3. So the original 360 wasn’t good enough or just a busted POS? *shock* *awe*

  4. Micro$oft screws the user again; just like coming out with a OS for the PC every three years. They don’t even use PC’s for their dev kits; they use Apple.

  5. Zephyr confirmed for April. Time for Xbots to upgrade and obatain ‘Elite’ status. Jeez, 3 SKUs in under two years. The Zephyr also confirmed that MS repair centers were getting overrun with busted consoles and it’s time for a revamp. Now maybe those guys will be able to take some well-deserved vacations this summer. Oh and 1080p still doesn’t matter I guess? ‘Sup HDMI.

  6. Well you can look at it like that…or you can look at it like, when a console has the games it sells no matter wwhat.

    Everyone knows the problems with the 360 hardware, yet it continues to sell more units per month than the PS3(by a margin of roughly 100,000 units), which says a lot. I guess people would rather take a chance on faulty hardware(buy the warranty people) instead of buying a $600 with hardly any games(at this point in time)

    This just proves that people get into gaming for the right reason….to play games.

    Also Al, if you’re referring to the Game Informer article…keep in mind it’s in the April edition and could very well be an April fools joke. To release in April and it’s already heading towards the end of March…yeah…unlikely it’s going to happen that early.

    Also keep in mind this “Zephr” will give MS the space to lower the price of the premium pack to the core price and then fade out the core.

  7. Oh there’s no denying the current success of the 360. I’m just looking at the reasoning behind creating an (slightly) upgraded unit after only 18 – 20 months. And regardless of its success the real reason, no matter how it gets spun, is that the hardware tends to be a wee bit more than faulty. I mean after all, if the current SKUs are doing so well as you pointed out, why do we need a third? Also the Zephyr is a bit of backpedaling on MS’s part in regards to HD. They were of course the ones that told us last year that 1080p didn’t matter…then put in software upscaling. Now some HDMI thrown in too. Of course the real kicker will be if they give us HDMI cables or not. As for the article, Kotaku’s been bugging GI and GI continues to insist it’s all true. We’ll see.

  8. Well if MS realizes it’s faulty hardware…why complain that they’re fixing it and adding more to it?

    HDMI being packed in is a complete non issue considering MS already packs in HD ready cables.

    The DS was redesigned and it took off…same with the GBA, hell the PS2 aswell…..not to mention all the minor updates that constantly get added to hardware(both the PS2 and Xbox have multiple versions) Its thenorm in the tech business.

    Does it suck for early adopters…sure…but it’s the same with EVERYTHING that you buy early. If MS drops one sku and keeps it at two……then there is really nothing to flame them about…all they are doing is fixing some problems and adding more functionality…what is wrong with that? Also…for people who bought an extended warranty…once this new sku is released, bring in your old one..say it’s broken…get the new one. Simple as that.

    A side note.

    The new hard drive can be bought separatly……and HDMI is still in its infancy in regards to installed base. So really..only the hardcore adopters will re-buy the Zephyr…the rest, can simply buy the new HDD and stay with compnents…as there isn’t THAT much of a difference in the first place.

  9. Yes, it does suck for early adopters. As for the faulty system issue, a lot of people were very vocal prior to the PS3’s launch and having their fun expecting major hardware issues with the PS3. And ummm…yeah not really an issue. So pardon me for having a little fun at MS’s expense. It’s very much deserved.

    As for redesigns, those changes and versions you mentioned were to correct issues (better and cheaper internals)and not to add anything considered a performance upgrade or enhancement. The performance and features of the PS2s (just cosmetic) and Xboxs never changed with those newer versions. And the price points of handhelds and the slimline PS2 were and are just a weeeeee bit lower than $479. A tad easier to swallow than the load that is the Zephyr. Sad thing is, I’ll probably have to buy one when my cuurent 360 craps out…again.

  10. Ok so when the PS2 released with the online adapter built in…..that was more than to correct an issue. People had to pay separate for that thing and it was like $60 CAD extra. Then Sony decided to lower the price of the PS2 AND include that same function….see what I’m getting at?

    Or how bout when they changed the laser because the initial ones were crapping out? Basically..MS is doing the same thing….they are fixing little problems but at the same time giving people what they want. The only thing that the Zephyr offers that you couldn’t add to even the COre 360 would be the HDMI output(which I agree, should have been in there in the beginning) But like I said…..HDMI is a very seldum used feature….even less than that of HD itself…as not every HDTV even has an HDMI port.

    As for the PS3 failure rate…it’s been awesome and has surprised everyone. You can’t blame people for being skeptical about the hardware when both the PSone and PS2 were riddled with technical faults. So in that regard……have a little fun at MSs expense…but keep in mind..out of 2 launches MS has had problems with ONE of them..whereas with Sony….out of 4 launches(PSP included) they’ve had hardware issues with THREE of them.

    But it looks to me like you’re not looking at this from a “gamers” perspective…..

    “As for the faulty system issue, a lot of people were very vocal prior to the PS3’s launch and having their fun expecting major hardware issues with the PS3. And ummm…yeah not really an issue. So pardon me for having a little fun at MS’s expense. It’s very much deserved.”

    It looks like you’re looking at it from more of a SOny loyalist perspective…..an “you made fun of my mom so now I’m going to make fun of yours” sorta deal. Which is fine…it’s your opinion. Just don’t let your opinions blind your logic =)

  11. Not at all. I enjoy all three of these systems most of the time…except for when one dies…after less than a year…and not being heavily used. I mean as a “gamer” it’s hard to play with a broken console after all. And it is of course really hard to be happy when I paid $400 for it. So it’s really a valid complaint for me. And before you say it, yes, I’m making MS fix it for me and they’re being nice about it. But the PS3 and Wii fill the void well enough. And I think it’s fine to have my fun with MS. I mean, I did buy a 360 after all. As for HDMI, it’s currently not in heavy rotation, but will be in the next couple of years as TV prices drop. As for my Sony leanings, it’s because, and this will be hard to believe, I’ve never had any problem with their hardware (knock on wood) or Nintendo’s. But I realize I’m in a very lucky minority there.

  12. Oh. And almost forgot. MS had a few nagging issues with the original Xbox. Like disc drive issues and the power cords from all the early models that were recalled for starting fires and such. Makes MS 2 for 2 😉

  13. Fair enough.
    I’ve been so lucky to never have any console crap out on me(knock on wood) But it would definitly suck if it happens to anybody.

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