New Theseis Screenshots

by Mike


Adventure games seems to be going the way of the Dodo and Dinosaur…becoming extict. With that said it’s a good thing that companies like Track 7 haven’t forgotten that a great adventure game can go far, even more so if it’s all gussied up with some pretty next-gen graphics. Enter Theseis, an Xbox 360 exclusive that looks pretty damn good and is aiming to offer some new twist on the old adventure genre. It’s back story reads:

Andonicos Kalogerou is a man devoted to science and the war against superstition. From his office in the historic centre of Athens, he has worked diligently for more than 5 years, travelling all over Greece and revealing the paranormal for what it truly is: drunken fantasies and uneducated hysteria. But his intelligible, safe little world is going to come crushing down when a call from Pheve, his adopted sister and fervent advocate of the mythic, informs him that his step-father is not only missing, but presumed dead as well. With a heavy heart, Andronicos travels to the place of his childhood, high atop the Greek mountains, to bury an empty coffin and reunite with his quarrelsome step-sister. Little does he know that each step irrevocably brings him and Pheve closer to what Destiny has in store for them. For the death of their stepfather heralds the beginning of the greatest struggle between good and evil with the prize being nothing less than the very future of this world.

Sounds interesting enough and it doesn’t hurt that one of the main characters has a rocking ass. Sign me up for some some next-gen ass adventure…no wait…what now?

the1.jpg the2.jpg the4.jpg


~ by Mike on February 22, 2007.

2 Responses to “New Theseis Screenshots”

  1. those are some pretty nice looking screens. i like the design of the minotaur

  2. For more info why don’t you check our site our http://www.theseisgame.oom, and anything else you need let us know!

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