Making Good Use of the Cells T-Flops for Dummies

By Ron

We’ve all heard it by now. “The PS3’s Cell is proving to be very difficult to program for, blah blah blah”. Like we know what the hell they’re talking about, we’ll just take their word for it. But fret not! Help is finally here. According to Next Generation, IBM engineers are going to be holding a workshop at High Moon Studios out in California. Devs in Vivendi Games studios family- High Moon, Radical Entertainment and Swordfish are going to be learning how to work with the almighty Cell processor. This is great news for the PS3 fanboy inside of me. Here’s hoping they can spread the intel to more devs that can apply this to make top notch games. For more details, head on over there and see for yourself.


~ by reklesgemini on February 22, 2007.

One Response to “Making Good Use of the Cells T-Flops for Dummies”

  1. A workshop, this is news?? A workshop is just an excuse to rent out the Hilton banquet room and talk for most of the day.
    I’ve been to many workshops for work and I’ve never really learned anything useful in any of them.

    Learning how to better use the Cell will definitely take more than a workshop.

    This won’t work because:

    A. IBM has little to zero knowledge in graphics engine or world variable programming.
    B. Teaching someone how to heavily thread their code still doesn’t solve the problem of actually figuring out how to do it and then actually doing it.

    But it makes a cute sound bite.

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