Sonic shaking his next gen blues?

by Jeffrey Rousseau


Well fellow Wii owners Sonic is out and the media reception is coming through. According to the number of reviews via Game Rankings this game doesn’t suck. Folks what we have here is a strong third part Wii game that has been in great need. After my little time with my copy of the game I can honestly say this is a fun Sonic game that much time and effort went into.

On the subject of Sonic and his next gen games apparently Sonic the Hedgehog for the 360 and PS3 were victims of well…speed. Kikizo had a recent interview with Sonic Team producer Yojiro Ogawa sheds some light for us:

“Ogawa: The reason why probably ended up with what we see today, involves a lot of reasons. One is that we did want to launch the title around Christmas, and we had the PS3 launch coming up, but we had to develop for Microsoft’s 360 at the same time and the team had an awful lot of pressure on them. It was very hard for the team to try and see how we were going to come out with both versions together with just the one team. It was a big challenge.”

I guess that would explain the fall to death after attacking the first set of robots in the first stage. No I’m sorry it doesn’t explain it at all everyone. Please Sega let’s keep up the good work only, be on the lookout for my in-depth review of Sonic and the Secret Rings soon.


~ by accelzero on February 22, 2007.

3 Responses to “Sonic shaking his next gen blues?”

  1. doesn’t suck is a surprise. too bad i don’t own a wii

  2. I bought it last night, and so far its just meh. The whole beginnning tutorial is the worst tutorial ever. They could have included all those stupid mini sections in one big tutorial level and got it over with.

    Here to hoping it gets better.

  3. Yeah as far as tutorials go you could do a better job I suppose. In all honesty though considering
    the new control scheme I thought the separate drawn out approach made sense.

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