Itagaki to Reveal New IP Soon

by Mike


Team Ninja is one of those development teams that takes their sweet ass time, but usually it’s well worth it. Given that the PS3 is gonna be seeing a remake of Ninja Gaiden Black, and the 360 is getting the first true sequel to the original Xbox’x Ninja Gaiden; what else could Team Ninja have up their ninja sleeve? Well how about an action RPG. Recently speaking to CVG Itagaki-san let it be known he’ll be announcing a new IP soon.

“I will be announcing such a game in the near future. The title of the game aside, it is like no other type of game I have ever made.”

Seeing as recently someone at Tecmo released some rather strange concept art from an as yet- unnamed game, deduction leads one to believe this is from said game. Itagaki has been hinting for a quite a while that he wants to make an action rpg game, and leave it to everyone’s favorite boob ogler to make an action/rpg like no other. Hell, Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox was the dudes first straight up action game, and that was a hell of gem. I can’t wait to see what gem the 360 has in the works.


~ by Mike on February 23, 2007.

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