Slingin’ Crack: Crackdown Review

by Jon

Crackdown will always be known as that one game that came with the Halo 3 beta. This is truly unfortunate seeing as the game doesn’t need Halo 3 Beta Included slapped on the front of it to move units. For those of you who had the pleasure of playing the demo, you know what I’m talking about. This game is amazingly fun, addictive, and is just a joy to play.

When it was announced that Crackdown would come packaged with the Halo 3 beta there was some immediate concern about whether or not Crackdown was worth the asking price. The general consensus was “well obviously any game that needs a Halo 3 beta must suck.” Of course everyone realized this wasn’t the case and now we have easily one of the best games of the new year. Thanks for not shelling us shit with the Halo 3 beta Microsoft, thanks a lot.

Crackdown immerses players into a cyber punk- sci-fi universe akin to Robocop, Judge Dredd, and Blade Runner. Pacific City is a city run by gangs where the citizens walk in fear. The Agency is out to purge the city of crime with the use of bio-engineered agents whose sole purpose is to eradicate these gangs with force. Don’t expect an engaging story, you’re simply a nameless agent out to kill the bad guy. The tag line for the game says it all, “All Justice, No Restraints”. It’s refreshing to play a bad ass super cop as opposed to the typical gangsta hustla we’re all accustomed to.

It’s very easy to compare Crackdown to GTA due to the sandbox formula and the ability to do just about anything in a sprawling city. That’s where the similarities end, and where Crackdown makes some slight changes to a formula that many people feel is growing stagnant. Remember all the cool pointless things you could in GTA, such as delivering pizza, or the street races? You really didn’t gain anything out of those side missions aside from a few extra bucks. Crackdown, however, awards players with experience orbs, adding a little more depth to the standard “kill everything for shits and giggles” that is usually the case with these types of games

There are five skills which players can power up to make their agent a formidable force. These skills, such as driving, agility, strength, firearms, and explosives are essential to your survival. For instance, one of three sections in the city has extremely high sky scrapers and if your agility isn’t up to snuff then you won’t be able to reach certain sections in order to progress. Agility orbs are spread throughout the city for collecting. You will quickly become obsessed with hording these orbs and seeing your character jump over multiple buildings with ease. It’s gets to the point where a vehicle is more or less pointless.

The real beauty of Crackdown lies in its simplicity, from the visuals down to the game-play, everything is simple. There is nothing truly remarkable in the graphics department. Opting to go with the cel-shaded look, which has some people pitching a bitch, allows the game to excel in other areas. The environments, for example, are absolutely stunning. The draw distance in this game is really quite an achievement with virtually no pop up. Most of the missions in the game are basic search and destroy missions that can get a bit redundant, but are still fun nonetheless.

The multi-player aspect of the game is quite possibly the most enjoyable. Take arms with one of your friends Tango and Cash style, and bring the city to its knees. Why go solo when you and your friend can enjoy the game together. Players can help each other find secret orbs, agility orbs, or take out that one boss that has repeatedly kicked your ass. The co-op gameplay alone boosts the replay factor substantially. I’m not one to play through games more than twice, but I can definitely see myself playing this for months. Crackdown is a fun, fleshed out sandbox game that is better than GTA and will leave you wanting more. I already want Crackdown 2, but only if it comes with Halo 4 beta of course.



~ by plugthis on February 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “Slingin’ Crack: Crackdown Review”

  1. theres no such thing as halo 4
    halo is a trilogy

  2. it was joke, I’m fully aware halo is a trilogy. Thanks for the clarification though…

  3. Great review man. Pretty much nailed it.
    It’s a crazily fun and addicting game for sure.

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