The Day the Earth Stood Still Remake Coming Soon

by Mike

It seems that the trend of crappy remade classics is set to continue. This time with one of  sci-fi’s most loved classics, “The Day the Earth Stood Still“. Those that can’t remember, this gems story revolves around a space man and his robot bodyguard coming down to earth to warn mankind to stop fucking around, or else. Mankind says “fuck no” and intergalactic bitch slapping ensues. I just wonder if this new remake will still have the famous guy with a knife, cuse dammit I know that a guy with a knife makes me want to act right and stop screwing around.


~ by Mike on February 23, 2007.

One Response to “The Day the Earth Stood Still Remake Coming Soon”

  1. I gotta disagree with you…NOw more then ver mankind needs a Message of HOPE. With all this war,hate,discrimination,bigotry,death…..I think the message of (TDTESS) could be a GREAT MOvie if written well, and with the right special effects. I look forward to see’n it!

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