Ps3 Hacked already?

by Ernie

Well, with the hacker comunity totally owning Sony with their constant cracking of the PSP, it was just a matter of time before the PS3, which has a Linux based OS (way to go Sony, make the OS of your System even easier for programers to hack by making it Linux based) to be cracked. Recent news have surfaced about ‘Gripshift’, a downloadable game from the Playstation Store, which was ripped and is being distributed on the net, thanks to the hacker group ‘PDX’.

The readme file states it is playable on the PS3 by using “ps3.proxyserver.” In another readme file the same group also stated that the PS3 is MORE buggy than the Xbox 360…

More buggy huh? Wow, that’s sweet. I feel bad for the programers already.

[Source: Evil Avatar]


~ by Ernie on February 26, 2007.

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