US PS3 backward compatibility to get the shaft?

by Ernie

In the recent news, a couple of days ago it was announced that the European versions of the PS3 will not include the chip that makes the PS3 able to play PS2/PSOne games in order to cut back on expenses. They will instead go the way of the 360 and slowly build a list of games that can run emulated on the PS3. What games will be available at launch is yet to be known.

This bit of news made 1up very curious, so they decided to contact Sony directly and ask if the American PS3s of future builds would also be stripped of the PS2/PSOne chip to cut back on expenses, to which Sony replied with the usual “no comments at this time” line. I dont know, Im starting to think that by the time I get a PS3, Ill have to resort to my PS2 for proper “current-gen” entertaiment. The thing is, if Sony had to do this now, why would they bash Msoft for emulating Xbox games on the 360, claiming that the PS3 will be able to play everything, and then do this? This is the kind of thing that makes you go “WTF?”

[Source: 1up]


~ by Ernie on February 26, 2007.

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