Idiana Jones 4 Gets A Date. Finally.

by Jon

After what seemed like ages of “talks” Indy 4 is in the works. Filming will begin on June 18, 2007, and is slated to be released in theaters May 22, 2008. Spielberg made the announcement at Oscars’ Governor’s Ball. I personally felt I could do without another Indiana Jones, but now that it’s actually happened I’m pretty excited about it. There was a ton of doubt surrounding this project, seeing as it was floating around the rumor mill for the past five or six years.

Well prepare yourselves people, because like it or not we’ll be seeing everyones favorite explorer on the big screen once more. I can’t imagine Ford doing this role again, I mean he’s nearly 70 years old. Then again I couldn’t imagine Bruce Willis playing John Mclaine again, and we’ll being seeing him this Summer.

[Source:Cinema Blend]


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One Response to “Idiana Jones 4 Gets A Date. Finally.”

  1. Seeing Bruce Willis reprise his role as John Mclaine isn’t necessarily a good thing. I’m not quite sure how much of this Indiana Jones film will be able to be taken seriously. Like you said, the guy is closing on 70. How in the crap is he supposed to be swinging from vines and running from giant rocks and being all cool? Knowing there will be some crazy stunt double doing that stuff for him takes the magic away from it all. *tear*

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