Master Chief Rocks

By: Goffey


Ever since Halo:CE was released along side the original Xbox, it has become somewhat of a religion.

With every religion comes a handfull of hymns that the followers can sing out loud orquietly hum to themselves. These songs of solm are highly recognizable to anyone who practices……….and to Halo fanatics, that hymn….is the ever chilling Halo theme.

Teamxbox is reporting a rumour that will not only let you hum along with the theme song…but how bout play along with it, using non other than Guitar Hero II

Teamxbox found this information in the newest(March) issue of the Official Xbox magazine. It appears the Halo 2 them that Steve Vai performed for the Halo 2 soundtrack, will be available as a downloadable song on the Xbox live marketplace soon after Guitar Hero II launches for the xbox 360.

 Now fans can gather around a TV and blast their favorite guitar riffs better than the Master Chief ever could!!….now if only Konami can release a version of Karaoke revolution with the Halo theme so that people can gather around and sing all the monk parts at the top of their lungs.


~ by goffey on February 27, 2007.

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  1. my mum looks better in a gimp suit !

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