FF Tactics: The Lion War to be released in US?

by Ernie

It’s pretty safe to say that all Final Fantasy Tactics fans were excited when they found out about ‘The Lion War’, an exclusive PSP port of the original with enhanced graphics, nice looking cutscenes, and who knows how many more bonuses. The game is dated for a release at the end of March for Japan, but a release for US remains to be announced. According to 1up, many fans were not fully content with the original game because we didn’t got the best translation, and it made the story a little wonky, so with so many script rewrites of some Final Fantasy Games that have been remade, fans of FFT are hoping the script will be better for the PSP. In case you don’t care much for the FFT series, a PSP version of FF Origins (the PSX FF1 and FF2 port) will be released soon as well as an anniversary special edition, for the oldschool fans. Now all that is left to do is wait.

Are you an FFT fan but decided to get a DS instead of a PSP? Fear not, because Nintendo Power announced that Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 will be coming for the DS very soon, though no release date was announced. Wow, with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles DS, Final Fantasy XII DS and now Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2, the DS is gonna get some sweet loving from Squeenix, and that means that FF fans rejoice, whatever console you may have.


~ by Ernie on March 1, 2007.

One Response to “FF Tactics: The Lion War to be released in US?”

  1. it’s a good thing i decided to go with the DS and not the PSP. what a wise decision. It had nothing to do with the fact that i could only afford the DS. nothing at all.

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