GDC Announcement: PS2 GAMES TO RUN IN 720p ON PS3

by Mike

As some of you know Sony just announced that they’re taking some hardware out of the PS3 and focusing more on a software solution for backwards compatibility, well theres more to it then that. So far already over a 1000 ps2 games will work with it and basically every damn PSone game works no problem. Here’s part of the big news that I’ve heard through the grapevine. Phil Harrison in his GDC speech will out line of the PS3’s future plans for this b/c. In the firmware upgrade after this European lauch one at the end of this month, Sony’s playing around with HD enhancements for certain games.

Sony will be targeting specific games at a time to get the HD upscaling treatment. And although the up-scaler doesn’t go up to 1080p, 1080i/720p will be the sweet spot. It’s basically a way for Sony to resolve two problems: PS2/PSOne games not working or being problematic, and not being fully utilized with the PS3 hardware. Along with this HD upscaling will be added anti-aliasing and smoothing effects. The first batch of these games will of course be some of the heavy hitters in the PS3 library, think God of War and the Final Fantasy titles. Sony’s ultimate goal is to get all PlayStation titles upscaled and smoothed it, working perfectly on the PS3.

Take from this what you will…there is also hushed whispers of a Square-Enix game that will be exclusive to the PSN also being announced at GDC. I guess we’ll all know in good time.


~ by Mike on March 1, 2007.

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