Heroes to Evolve

by Laurance


Don’t’ get too comfortable with the current lineup of characters on the hit NBC show Heroes.  According to series creator Tim Kring through the Sci Fi Wire, Season two will be Volume 2 and season one concludes Volume 1. What exactly does this mean? Lets have the man behind the curtain explain:

“If you remember, the opening of the pilot pronounced the episode as the beginning of Volume One,” Kring said in an interview. “Volume One comes to a conclusion at the end of episode 23, and Volume Two starts with the opening of season two. And Volume Two is a different story.”

Kring added: “We could have new people and new storylines and new ideas and new threats and new bad guys and new heroes. So I would prepare the audience for that idea, that it’s not just a continuing serialized storyline about only these people. It’s a little more the 24 model than the Lost model.”

The first season of Heroes is exploring what happens when a disparate group of ordinary people discover they have extraordinary abilities and attempt to save New York from disaster.

Heroes needs to evolve, and if we are positing an idea that this is happening all over the world to many, many people, then we get to see some of those people and see how their story fits in.”

Kring also confirmed that some of the current heroes just might not survive this season, but added: “Many of your favorites will live to fight again.

I am all for creators having the balls to kill off main characters of a popular show, as long as none of these characters are named Hiro!

[Source: SciFi.com]


~ by laurance on March 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Heroes to Evolve”

  1. Hiro is awesome, probably one of the more important characters in the show so I can’t see him going. This model is awesome for a show. Keeps things fresh and the audience wanting more, unlike the lost model which gets stale because the writers have no clue what’s going on.

  2. Hmm…well that sounds great if you ask me. Most shows do have the problem with staying fresh and what not. If Heroes does this well and goes on strong we have nothing to worry about. A new bunch of people would kind of suck seeing as I think Peter is pretty cool.

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