TOO HUMAN New Screens: Xbox fans go OH SHIZZLE!

by Mike

Too Human is one of those games I’ve been excited for since Silicon Knights first announced it would be coming to the 360. E3 came and everyone went ape shit over how the game played and looked. Which has been the case with every damn game SK’s has ever worked on. From Blood Omen to the insane Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube, Silicon Knight is known as one of those developers that takes their sweet ass time but when you finally see the FINAL product everyone has to agree; it’s damn good.

Such will be the case again with Too Human a trilogy set in a cyber future steeped in Norse mythology. At GDC- Denis Dyack and company are gonna wow everyone with what Too Human is gonna be. In the meantime his blog over at IGN has two fresh new screens which are in-game and look fan-fucking-tastic. The modeling on Freya especially looks beautiful, seems working with Kojima has really paid off for Silicon Knights. Denis was nice enough to even post on the and IGN forums about the screens and a little on the game.

Dennis Dyack elaborating on the “washed out” look of the screens from the IGN boards:

Yes it is the atmosphere: Atmospheric Scattering, Depth of Field, Field of View, 4xAA and more – its just lots of post working give things a softer look – say goodbye to jaggies in Too Human as well. One of the current issues with these shots is that the screen capture utility on the dev kits actually are not accurate to what you see on final output. It has do with adjustments (more post) to the frame buffer after screen utility grabs them. So the game does do look better then they do in these shots. (edit addition: in case that was not clear – they are not this bright in the actual game – we are going to make a screen capture utility that works properly if we get time).

Hope that helps and I am glad some people like. They are all directly from the game and realtime. When we show Too Human next I don’t think there will be anything to really compare it to. We have combat that some may think are similar to God of War/Devil May Cry/or Heavenly Sword but it really is very different and stands on its own. We also have some RPG/Online/Hunting and Gathering elements of Diablo. Combine these 2 things with Silicon Knights signature mix of Story, Gameplay, Technology, Audio and Visual and I believe everyone will feel we have something special.

Time will tell – only a few more weeks now ;).
Hope this helps,

too-human-20070301051101747.jpg too-human-20070301051102997.jpg

[Source: IGN]


~ by Mike on March 2, 2007.

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