Dead Rising to get co-op?

By: Goffey

Here’s another one from the EGM Quarterman

With CAPCOM seeing instant success with the titles Lost Planet and Dead Rising on the xbox 360, it seems they are excited to continually support both titles to increase their longevity.

We already know new maps are on the way for Lost Planet but the new news should excite many.

Rumour has it CAPCOM is going to re-release a new version of Dead Rising as a “platinum hit” containing an added bonus of online co-op. This is great news if true. Anyone who has played Dead Rising would know exaclty how awesome it would be to slay thousands of zombies in a mall with a friend. This feature alone would add instant replayabilty to the title as co-op games are gaining more and more poularity both by gamers and developers.

People who already own the title need not worry as it’s also rumoured that this addition will be also availabel through a download on the XBLM……but who knows if it would cost money.


~ by goffey on March 3, 2007.

One Response to “Dead Rising to get co-op?”

  1. This sounds awesome. I’ve been palying the waiting game for dead rising, looks like I’m waiting a little bit longer.

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