It’s been rumored for a while now that a new entry into the God of War franchise was coming to the PSP, being developed by Ready At Dawn. First was the GOW font on one of their coming soon announcements page, which was quickly taken down. Then there was a drunk ass David Jaffe and company spouting about how the GOW series was going to make it’s way to the PSP and then end in a battle-o-rama on the PS3. Well it’s been finally confirmed this bastards is coming.  A fellow 1up’er got himself a copy of GOWII a little early and what just so happens to be teasing on the back cover of the manual? Why a teaser of a PSP God of War coming to the PSP and this year to boot. Seems SONY has all sorts of shit to drop like it’s hot at this weeks GDC. I can’t wait.


~ by Mike on March 4, 2007.

8 Responses to “God of War PSP: CONFIRMED”

  1. SOB! now i have to buy a psp. wait, i wonder is this going to be a port or a new game….

  2. Damnit! Now Laurance is going to bombard my Myspace comments section with images of God of War PSP and artwork from it.

    Thansk a lot Mike 🙂

    Just kidding Laurance :p

  3. trust me the PSP is so worth owning. I take it with me EVERYWHERE. i LOVE THE THING

  4. best news i’ve read in…. well, since I last posted about GOW on PSP.

  5. Whee adventure action on my PSP! I’ll definitely buy it for the PSP. Hey I still haven’t played the first God of War despite how much I tell customers about the second at work, ha-ha.

  6. by the GODS

  7. I am going to buy this game the first day it comes out it sounds like a great game to play because i have tryed the other gows and i am certain this will be just as good .

  8. That PSP Go really looks neat, just hope I can get a nice bundle.

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