Heavenly Sword Looking Heavenly


Everyone bitches about how the PS3 is this and that, let’s face it no one as of yet has really taken advantage of all that CPU power in there. But thats’ going to start changing with Heavenly Sword. Weta Workshops, you know the guys that did the LOTR movies are doing mo-cap and facial animation for the game; along with Andy Serkis directing a good bit of the dramatic sequences. The game is shaping up to be the first true killer app for the PS3. Sony Europe has an extended look at the Cinematic effort going into the game, you can check it out here.


~ by Mike on March 6, 2007.

11 Responses to “Heavenly Sword Looking Heavenly”

  1. The true killer app is already out, it’s called Motorstorm you fuck face.

  2. I’m guessing this is Shane “mofo” Bettenhausen. Guess what no one gives a shit about Motorstorm…True Story.

  3. Motorstorm FTW

  4. Motorstorm? Talk about an overhyped piece of shit. Just like the PS3, it might look pretty, but wow is it a fucking waste of money.

    Suck your own cocks, you Sony lovin’ douchebags, especially you ass licking 1uppers.

  5. Motorstorm is not a fucking killer app. I think shane and a couple of other stragglers think this game is actually good. Just becasue it’s the only other good game worth owning other than resistance, does not make it a killer app. Oh and how’s Flow workin out for you PS3 owners? How does it feel to spend 8 dollars on an acid trip? You can get blow jobs for less than that…true story.

  6. Motostorm…Killer app…no, impressive off road racer..yes. Since when did NA give a rats ass about an off road racer? Unless a racer has the initials “GT” in it…it means nothing.

    If you own a PS3 you’re just craving something new….Motostorm will be the DOA4, the Dead Rising of the 360….killer app?, I laugh at the thought. A killer app is nothing but killer until it actually moves hardware….Heavenly Sword could do just that, MGS4 WILL do just that….unfortunatly we’re quite a ways away…until then…praise Motostorm for what it is…not for what you wish it should be.

  7. Meh, this most certainly comes from people who have obviously not played the game itself.

  8. Whatever. I fucking own the game and can honestly say it’s a disappointingly bad title. Looks nice, plays well – and in about forty minutes, it’s boring. It’s not the worst game ever, but seriously, they could have done a lot better.

  9. Motorstorm/resistance/vf5 are all killer games-The360bots can pretend like there not,but the people who REALLY played them,know other-wise


  10. No, I’m not a fag, but I play one on tv.

    And by fag, do you mean British slang for cig?

    Yeah, thought not, but SO inventive in your insults!

    In any case, in reponse – No, Motorstorm, Resistance and VF5 (which will be on the 360 anyway) are NOT killer games. Good games, perhaps, killer, no.

  11. OH, Richmond VA? Eh. Well, that pretty much clears things up.

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