BioShock Preview

by Ernie

What is BioShock? In case you haven’t heard of it yet, BioShock is an next gen FPS which, according to the developers, is gonna break the cliches of all FPS out there, like “cookie-cutter AI”, “linear corridors” and “static environments”. Whether they will succeed or not remains to be seen, but damn, the game looks so good so far.

So, whats the story? BioShock is centered somewhere around the 60s, and the game starts with you, as the main character, in an ocean in the middle of nowhere. In reality, you just had a plane crash, though it isn’t shown, you just start in the icy waters with the debris from the crash all around you, leaving the player to wonder why were you in the plane, and what happened prior to the start of the game.

As you swim for your life, you see a Lighthouse in the distance that is actually in the water, with just the top sticking out of the waterline. As you reach it and go down the winding stairs, you find a bathysphere (a capsule which works as an underwater elevator) that is rusted, and inside is a dead man. With nowhere else to go, you decide to descend into the ocean depths with the bathysphere. To your surprise, when the bathysphere finishes its journey, you actually reach an underwater city, the city of Rapture.

Rapture is an underwater utopia built in the 1940s with the ideal of letting people work for themselves and not for someone, Rapture is a place where you can be free, where artists and scientists alike can do their thing without pressures. The cities water purification and electricity, among other needs, is supplied thanks to the sea bottom natural water currents, and everything is perfect for a while. Years later, a pair of scientists find some slugs which live in the sea bottom, and that secrete stem cells. With this new supply of stem cells, biological and genetic research is started, and pretty soon, the whole city is crazy for Adam (the name for these genetic modifications), soon afterwards, a war breaks out and the city turns into a bloodfest, people are driven to madness by the modifications, and their bodies mutate to such an extent where their bodies need Adam to survive. The city dies out.

When you get to Rapture, you are alone in a dead city, where the only survivors from past events are filled with rage and out to get you. At first, you don’t have much to fight with, but soon afterwards you will find weapons, and then be able to modify them, adding all sorts of weird things to make them more powerful. You will also be able to inject yourself with plasmids (the genetic alterations which give you different abilities, made from Adam) in the plasmi-quik stations around the city, giving you powers like speedboost, and the ability to make enemies fight each-other so you can save your ammo. It seems that with the ability to make enemies fight each-other, or make enemies protect you, controlling the AI in the game is gonna be an integral part of the game.

BioShock: Developer Commentary

A 14 minute video of the first parts in BioShock and how the game works, with Commentary from the developers.

BioShock: Hunting the Big Daddy

The Big Daddy is a hulking creature who is set out to protect the little sisters, which are genetically modified girls who ingest used Adam from dead bodies to recycle it so it can be used again. In this video, which shows improvements both in animation and graphics over the other video, plasmids and AI control are used to bring down this otherwise hard to beat Big Daddy.

With these videos you can get a big idea on how the game will be. With all the things to be done in the game and a huge city to explore, this looks like a very fun experience. I also love the fact that for an FPS, it has a LOT of RPG, enough to actually be considered an FPS/RPG. The game has been pushed back to August 21, which hurted, cause I miss my 360 badly and I wish there was something to play on it, but, there’s next gen for you. I really cant wait for this game. I cant wait for all of the next gen games I’m waiting for, and with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey both slated for end of the year releases, it looks like Q4 2007 is the place to be for a gamer.


~ by Ernie on March 7, 2007.

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