FABLE 2 Details

by Mike


While some people love to give Pete Molyneux tons of crap, you have to hand to the man for constantly trying to do new things. He’s back at it again and in a good way with Fable 2. First of all in Fable 2, you can actually play a female and get preggers. This has to be a first for an RPG…ever. Another one of the big reveals is a dog. Yep mans best friend is getting his time in the spotlight.

With Fable 2, Molyneux revealed each player will have his own dog, and prefaced this announcement by saying it was the kind of revelation that would be greeted with, “It’s time for you to go back to your padded room now.” The dog, however, is only a means to an end, and it’s Molyneux’s goal to make people feel genuine love in his action-heavy role-playing game. The dog will love its owner unconditionally, and Molyneux thinks players will return the favor.

“Once you care,” he said, “I’ve got you.”

The creation of genuine human emotion in the context of Fable 2 is but one of three great innovations in the game, Molyneux said. On a tight leash, he would not reveal what the other two were.

The dog, Molyneux said, will morph according to its master’s alignment. If the player performs evil deeds, the dog will become more feral and adopt the appearance of a Doberman. Dogs under a benevolent master’s care will gradually develop into cuddly sheepdogs (but with bite). Further, the dog will operate independently of its owner, but will play a real part in adventuring, pointing out paths, alerting its owner to danger, and attacking foes.

This sounds awesome, and is actually in the game now. Peter has also hinted at your child loving you in the game. Whether your an evil bastard or not. Fable 2 looks to set a new bar for character interaction in RPG’s that no one has done before. I have faith in the man…honestly this game is going to be amazing.


~ by Mike on March 7, 2007.

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