Sakaguchi and Peter Molyneux hint at Online RPG’s for the 360


Tonight Microsoft had an open panel discussing RPG’s in the next-gen. With Sakaguchi-San, Peter Molyneux and Dr. Ray of Bioware breaking down for the peeps.

Sakaguchi and old Pete hinted at some possible games coming your way in the next few years and perhaps sooner on the 360.

Q: Can you discuss the importance of massively multiplayer RPGs?

Sakaguchi: I like the possibilities of MMOs – I enjoyed working on Final Fantasy XI. I’m hoping to speak with [Microsoft’s] Shane [Kim] about creating an online game.

Audience: Ask him! He’s in the room.

Sakaguchi: Please Shane – I want to make one.

Shane Kim: [Laughs] Yes, OK.

Peter Molyneux: Can I do one as well, Shane? For the first time, consoles are connected and really connected. You’re finding that people are leaving consoles connected all the time and there’s a real opportunity there for that. If any genre was good for that, it’d be RPGs. The idea that you can show off and work with and meet with people is super exciting. I’d love to talk about that in enormous detail, but I’ve been gagged and can’t really talk about that.


Could 360 owners maybe have their own MMO to call their own. Or even better yet are some of these MMO like features going to be in Fable 2? Oh something tells me a bit of yes. As MS is milking that LIVE service like there is no tomorrow. Count me in!


~ by Mike on March 7, 2007.

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