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Honestly HOME looks awesome, However, I question how many Sony fanboys or Sony themselves really understand what makes Live useful and popular to begin with. It’s not that players get to check out each other’s profiles and chat outside of games. It’s that it provides a near instant way of finding people to play games with and talking within those games.

Home doesn’t really address any of this. It’s a more simplified version of Second Life. I think it’s a really cool idea and will be fun to mess with, but it seems even Sony doesn’t understand what people are using Live for. It’d be one thing if they address the basic network flaws they continue to have in ADDITION to Home, but Home is almost like a completely different response. It’s on a different plane from Live, not another “level”. These are very different things. I don’t even feel they’re directly going after the same types of users. In fact I’m sure they aren’t.

It’s more an amalgamation of Second Life, Myspace, you tube and the Sims than anything else. It’s interesting but what about the games. Honestly this could be a good thing, it could be an amazing thing. But most gamers after a while are not going to want to have to stroll to someones room to get to set up a game, we’ve seen in Phantasy Star Universe how this can be. In theory it’s cool, but is it too much? Too complicated? Sony has created a community, a next-gen community but what about the simplicity and most of all usefulness of it all. At least it’s a step in a direction, and an exciting one at that. Time will tell how HOME plays out but it’s an interesting experiment with many possibilities.

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~ by Mike on March 7, 2007.

21 Responses to “Sony HOME Demo”

  1. you call it stealing, i call it making the consumers happy.

  2. Yea and Nintendo invented touch screen gaming (Palm Pilot) and motion-sensing controllers (Microsoft’s Sidewinder). Such originality is awe-inspiring :X. WTF is with the broken record style Sony bashing? They’re actually trying to fix problems and bring something different to the table, and apparently it’s still not enough. Jeez…so let’s look at some more “What About”s

    What about the continuing failure rates of 360s?
    What about the Zephyr? God knows I’m happier buying a new controller instead of an ENTIRE CONSOLE. Guees the original 360 wasn’t good enough?
    What about Nintendo’s total lack of ANY online gaming? And probably none this year at all. Ooooh but we’ve got Everybody Votes :/ True Story

  3. Uh mike, Home looks amazing. I think it’s a great idea and good thing they’re actually doing something to improve the online component. It looks great based on what I’ve seen. Tone it down a notch Mike, this is actually a good thing. LOL.

  4. Great idea my ass. Interesting, yes. Free? No. Hell no. FUCK no. Granted, it’s good that they want to improve their online credibility, but what they really need are some fucking games. I mean, it’s been out since November and there are, what? seven, eight games? Seriously, fuck this stupid online gay ass community bullshit and do something right, Sony. You dumb ass mother fuckers.

  5. Yea and Fuck Nintendo. They’ve got what, maybe two or three decent titles out now? Zelda and uhhh…Zelda and uhhh…I’m sure there’s another one. And NO fucking online at all. Unless you want to buy and play games you probably played 10-20 fucking years ago or vote on your favorite flavor of suck. There’s innovation for ya. And maybe someday they’ll give the tools to devs to make some cool Wii experiences once they get their own shit together. My Wii code: FUCK-NINT-ENDO

  6. First of all, I wouldn’t fault Nintendo at all, since they’ve at least got something going with the DS. The Wii may not have online, but in my opinion, neither does Sony, if you catch my mother fucking drift. Let’s face it – free online = shit. Plain and fucking simple. I’d rather not play online at all and enjoy Zelda, Trauma Center, Warioware, etc. single player than deal with an assload of nutfucks who can’t even talk to one another simply due to the fact that Sony was too fucking moronic to even include a basic mother fucking bluetooth headset. Come to think of it, they didn’t even include componenet cables. Wow, talk about generosity.

    You can talk all you want about Ninendo having no online and having no games, that’s fine, but just the simple fact that they’re DOING something makes a difference. Home? It’s unique, I’ll admit, but is it going to sell systems? Does it make me want to fuck it? God damn no way. It’s like that hot hooker with herpes – you’d love a piece of it, but you know you’d walk away fucked in the wallet and miserable.

    Enjoy you hot, herpes hooker, you douche.

  7. Jesus, pull your tounge out of Miyamoto’s ass for a minute and wake up. Nintendo sold us last-gen shit with waggle. But bitches like you think Reggie’s shitting gold…when it’s just a lot of bullshit. As for Sony, everything you bitch about is fixable, call it software penicillin for your herpes, and actually being worked on. HOME is free nutbag, advertisers are picking up some of the cost and we pay if we want anything fancy for our spaces (read:optional). And another thing, you don’t even HAVE to use it to play a game online. And believe it or not, Sony actually does have online games *shock* that actually work. Don’t have a bluetooth headset? Guess what, you can use a cell phone bluetooth headset or even a cheap-ass USB wired headset if you feel like it. But maybe you like people choosing shit for you. Boy, choices are evil. The lack of component cables was stupid, agreed. But you want some Wii multiplayer, then you need to shell out $180 for 3 more wiimotes and chucks. Honestly, that’s the only way you’re going to get any multiplayer for a long time. What exactly are they DOING again?

    Sony’s online is a loooooong way from being anything close to Live, but it’s there and they’re trying (another big update 3/23) unlike big N. HOME and LittleBigPlanet are examples of that. System sellers? Not entirely, but a damn fine addition. People bitched about rumble? Yea, they swallowed their pride, paid up, and now we can have rumble again. These days it almost sounds like they’re kind of *gasp* listening to us for a change. But you keep enjoying a daily cornholing with your Wiimote. Keep it safe and keep living in the Virtual Console and waiting for that trickle of first-party titles. I’ll take my chances with something new to consoles with HOME.

  8. You know, I’m actually wondering why you think or thought that I was a Wii fanboy. Yes, I like the Wii, but I’m no champion of the unit. It’s got some good points, but fuck that, I bought it more for potential than anything.

    All things said and done, I believe the PS3 has potential – as does the Wii, but to be honest, I’m dissapointed that these are the kind of announcements were fucking getting when there is no good next gen software. I mean, HOME? Give me a fucking break. It’s seriously fucking lame. Sure, it’s a step and it’s an interesting step, but it’s Sony’s way of pulling mother fucking damage control.

    Live is where it’s at, plain and simple. I don’t give a fuck about interacting with people in the “Home” and having an extra life on top of my real life. Seriously, fuck that. If Sony wants to WOW me and make me want to play my PS3 above and beyond fucking Q-Bert, then give me some games and stop fucking around with a shit online service that won’t be free at all.

  9. I agree with you on Live. Dude, have at least a modicum of patience. Live didn’t launch for a year after the original Xbox and left games like Halo with no online multiplayer. And it’s taken MS years to get it right and they’re still fixing it today. Sony’s never really been known for their awesome software prowess outside of some of their game developers so it may take even longer for them to provide some basic infrastructure tools to devs. And unfortunately most of the burden for online play is being put on devs, but in some cases it’s okay. Some of these guys, like EA, prefer to run online their way. But in the end, as long as I can just play online with my friends with a little voice chat action, I’m cool with putting up with whatever little interfaces or friends list issues they have. Hell, it’s alot like online PC gaming in a way. But like I said before, we’re going to see lots of tweaking that should make the network a little better.

    As for HOME, it’s no more lame than a Mii parade. Actually it’s not that lame at all. It’s pretty much just their way of reaching a broader audience as Nintendo is doing. As for damage control, possibly. I mean we already know about most of what’s on the way and it’s likely alot of stuff isn’t even ready to show until E3 this summer. Kind of like that half-assed Killzone footage they showed journalists recently. But from what I understand, even Nintendo is going to be keeping mum on some stuff until E3. I’d personally rather hear something new and interesting than getting slightly updated game footage. There’s going to be some awesome stuff for all these systems this year, but the keyword still seems to be patience.

  10. Fair enough, I think you’ve presented a good point and perhaps I’m jumping the gun a bit. It’s just a pain in the ass when I have this potentially brilliant system sitting here and it’s losing exclusives and not really putting out when it comes to software. You’re correct on the whole Xbox point, so I think I have to settle with you on this – patience is, indeed, going to be key.

    As for Home, I’m still not sold on it, but I’ll wait and see. It’s got some neat ideas, certainly, but I’m not sure I’m into all of the features – which may just boil down to personal preference.

  11. I think it is a ‘great idea’. It might lose it’s novelty quick though. But i can’t blame them for trying.

  12. I think it’s a cool idea but seems TOO MUCH for trying to do simple things. REALLY does look like something fun to screw around with though.

  13. A virtual doll house….how cute.

  14. The fact that you’re reporting on this with bias towards Sony is insulting and degrading.

  15. I feel it’s a really new and exciting way to approach onlie gaming but could be too daunting to some. A really good point that a lot of people are pointing out at GDC is does this do anything to improve PSN? Some say yes and others feel Sony has a way to go with their network. Personally I feel this is the single most significant announcement Sony has made and probably will make all year. This makes me want a PS3, once they get all the kinks out from the beata next month. I’m glad Sony is on to something here.

  16. How is this insulting or degrading, degrading to whom? It’s an opinion, and one that is open to change as I mentioned it’s a great idea but really is it too much? And how will it play out?

  17. I think Jon hit the nail on the head.
    it is indeed a cool feature, but it in no way advances the PSN in a direction that will improve gaming and/or communication within games.

    Sure you can walk around and talk to people online. Decorate your room….chill in a room etc but how will all of this fit into actual gaming? Will it fix the fact while I play Resistance I can’t just invite anyone on my friends list to join?……does it help the fact I can’t chat with people while playing one game and their playing another?

    So far its a great feature to have in an online community…but in reality it’s nothing more than “second Life” on PS3.

    Again, cool feature, people will use it but it in noway advances the PSN to improve game interaction and seamless communication(Unless people are in this virtual world) like XBL does…..the bar is still set by MS……Sony hasn’t reached it, they’re simply taking a step sideways and trying something different.

  18. New and exciting? Perhaps. Daunting? No. I think the word I’d use is lacking. The concept is unique, but people are splooging over it as if it were the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    And who gives a fuck about sliced bread?

    Seriously, I’m interested to see how it plays out, but in the end, this isn’t the sort of thing that is going to sell system and I can’t believe anyone would think about buying one just for this.

    What happened to gaming being about that? Gaming?

  19. You’re enjoying this aren’t you pete? I love it. Well we would hope it would be gaming oriented, otherwise it is a useless feature that will undoubtedly turn into myspace 2.0. What else would it be used for? I’m not saying this is going to be better than XBL, because it’s not. However the possibilities are endless here IF THEY IMPROVE PSN. Without that improvement, like goffey said the lack of being able to invite friends is fucking ludicrous, then this feature is simply a distraction. But if done right this could be fucking awesome. To each his own I guess.

  20. That’s th thing if done right and if given the option to just use a list to invite friends even when your not logged into HOME. Also have a way to not deal with random people saying dumb shit as you walk around. Have it where as an option you can just deal with your own peeps, this could be cool but, like I said it almost seems like too much to do the simplest of tasks.

  21. One feature that I’d LOVE to see, is say you’re all playing Resistance..and you all decide to to play Warhawk. When everyone quits the game of Resistance they go back to a designated “Home(lobby)” and do not get disconnected from everyone else….so then people chill in the Home until everyone boots up the new game and are ready to play.

    SO basically you’d have one lobby designated for between sessions. If Sony adds that, then I’d be ecstatic.

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