Brand new WoW for consoles?

By: Goffey

Once again from the newest edition of OXM(April 07 issue) in the “X-Files” feature they dig into the existence of many games that gamers would love to see on consoles.

Number 1 on the list is World of Warcraft, and considering 8 million people are currently signed up to give Blizzard $10 a month so they can play the game, we can certainly see why.

According to the Rumour Mole sources close say that a console version of WoW would NOT be a port of the existing PC version but a new MMO built specifically for home console. Which makes sense….it’s hard enough to play WoW with a bazillion keys to push, a mouse to direct and your face in a bag of Doritos. Throw a controller in there aswell and god knows what would happen.

Lets keep our fingers crossed for this one and lets hope that the “dumbed down” controller functionality works well if this comes to reality.


~ by goffey on March 9, 2007.

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