LocoRoco sequel headed for PS3?

by Ernie

In one of the demonstrations of home, at the presentation in GDC, many people caught glimpse of a LocoRoco trophy in one of the trophy cases, only fueling more the rumor of a supposed LocoRoco sequel, this time headed for PS3 rather than the PSP. When the director of the game was asked about it, he decided not to “betray our expectations” and commented on the game coming to PS3 to broaden up the way to play it. “Think SixAxis” he said. Could the new control scheme bring better gameplay? or, Will it just be the PSP control scheme passed over to the SixAxis? heck, Will the game even come? Not much is known about it, but if you are a LocoRoco fan, then you have something nice to wish for.

[Source: JoyStiq]


~ by Ernie on March 9, 2007.

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