Play Videogames using your Brain… literally!

Tired of wiggling your thumbs to control your videogame characters? Better yet, tired of flailing your arms at the air to execute simple actions?

Of course you are! You’re an out-of-shape, lazyboy sitting, potato chip eating, videogaming bastard!

So what if I were to tell you that you could do every thing you do now with controller pads and remotes, with just a thought. Sounds out of this world huh? Sounds…. strange?

Well, the future is here and well on it’s way to make you even lazier then you already are.  Some Australian tech company, Emotiv has devised a device called Project Epoc, that allows gamers to interact with games in ways we’ve only dreamed of.

I’m a bit shady on the details on how the thing works, but it some how records your brain activity and maps the signals you give out for actions such as jump, run, left, right, etc.

Sounds like a brilliant idea I know, but I have the stupidest thoughts come in at random times of the day. Who’s to say I won’t think that during a game session and this machines interprets as an action which then leads me to my demise in the game. Could be frustrating, sounds iffy to me.

Still this might open a whole new door to the future of videogames and maybe take us one step closer to realizing virtual reality isn’t too far off the horizon.


~ by reklesgemini on March 9, 2007.

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