Sony’s PS3 cost-cutting starts with the European launch


The cost of the PS3 is going down. At least that’s the word out of Tokyo, where the Nikkei Business Daily spilled some new beans on the down-graded and, specifically, the new, cheaper chip inside the European PS3.

“Sony Corp. plans to lower the production cost of its PlayStation 3 game consoles by using less expensive chips. Starting with the European version of the PS3 that is set to debut on March 23, the paper said Sony plans to use a chip that can handle only the graphics of predecessor PlayStation 2 instead of the current chips that can handle both the computing and graphics functions for the PS2.”

It might seem like a minor change, but every penny counts in Sony’s come-back plans… so don’t expect any of that cost-savings to be passed on to you, me or Joe Gamer. These pennies are going straight into Sony’s own pockets. Greedy bastards.

[Source: thestar]


~ by Mike on March 9, 2007.

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