Half Life 2: Episode 2 to be longer?

by Ernie

That has to be the first game with two 2s in the name, it has to be a great sequel, or maybe a super sequel. Whatever kind of sequel it may be, its getting to be a “game that may never come” sequel, cause we sure have been waiting a lot for it. Not only that, but I havent been able to play Episode 1 either because Im waiting for that Orange box to play on my 360, which Im wondering if it will ever come. Fear not, for at least some good news have been told about the super sequel.

“Episode 1 was about six hours of gameplay, and Episode 2 will be closer to eight hours of gameplay”

Said Doug Lombardi from Valve. Now, if that is indeed true, then Episode 2 will be close to the length of the original Half Life 2, which while still short, are still good news if you are waiting for the orange box, considering how many hours of gametime, fun, and achievements you will have with all the games included. Now, about Episode 3:

Episode 1 took 18 months to complete and Episode 2 will end up being about 13 to 14 months, so we’re trimming it down. I think we’ll get closer to a year and be on a 12 month cycle. We’ll see how it goes after this trilogy is done.

What, so after the trilogy they gonna keep dishing out Half Life 3 in an episodic manner as well? If so, I really hope so, because a “yearly” Half Life game cannot hurt, unless it gets old, in which case, meh.

[Source: Kotaku]


~ by Ernie on March 10, 2007.

One Response to “Half Life 2: Episode 2 to be longer?”

  1. i still haven’t played episode 1 either, but i do hear that it’s very short. can’t wait for the pc version of black box to come out.

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