Holy Hell! New Heavenly Sword screenshot!

by Ernie

Thanks to Kotaku, I was directed to this awesome new screenshot of Heavenly Sword thats going around in the Ninja Theory forums. Is this real? I have no idea, but if it is, It means the developers have finally cracked the matrix that is the cell and we are one step closer for cell to cure cancer. All kidding aside, the game looks phenomenal, and if it trully is a screenshot of in game, I need to get me a PS3 soon.

You can get the screenshot in its Hi res beauty from Ninja Theory forums here, Hell, it even works perfectly as a wallpaper.


~ by Ernie on March 10, 2007.

One Response to “Holy Hell! New Heavenly Sword screenshot!”

  1. I can’t lie. I was crying foul when I first learned of Heavenly Sword, which many have dubbed “The Goddess of War”, I shared those same sentiments. A God of War corbon-copy. However, I must say I’m growing more and more interested with each new detail.

    Oh, the screenshot…..nice.

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