God of War III to have Rumble and 1080p

By: Goffey

Looks like one of the best looking games is going to get quite a bit more fun to look at.

During the official release event last night for God of War II, Cory Barlog(Lead developer on GoWII) made a comment that the future of God of War would include the totally last gen feature……rumble, and the much promoted and barely used 1080p feature on the PS3. This was originally reported by 1up.com.

Although Cory didn’t specifically say “God of War III” anyone with half a brain and/or has around a year of experience following the videgame industry, knows that “The future of GoW” can easily be translated into “You’re damn right the sequel is on the way”

This is great news and I’m sure many people can’t wait to see what the gods look like in true HD

Rumble is another great feature and I’m sure Kratos is happy that he can actually enjoy those next-gen threesomes complete with friction.


~ by goffey on March 13, 2007.

2 Responses to “God of War III to have Rumble and 1080p”

  1. i just would like to say that i have never played god of war before 😦 oh well but the third one with it’s style of art looks amazeing and combined with the effects of the ps3 cell it should blow a lot of ppl’s mind out of the window

  2. hi

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