It’s That Time of Month Again

By: Goffey

So the next(this) gen war is well on it’s way and gamers and fanboys alike are keeping a close eye on the race.

Well last months NPD numbers are in overall they’re not that surprising.

Taking the number one spot(focusing on next gen only) was the Wii with  335,000 units sold. Followed by the 360 with 228,000 units and in at a not so close 3rd, the PS3 sold 127, ooo.

With all consoles widely available(except the Wii) it’s pretty safe to say the only thing holding PS3 back at this point is price.  It’ll be interesting to see what happens this month after Sony announced such promising features such as HOME and LittleBigPlanet as well as some improvments for the Playstation Network(Hell, I even bought a PS3 this past week)

As for games they rolled out as such

  • 360 Crackdown 427K
  • Wii Play w/ Remote 371K
  • NDS Diddy Kong Racing 262K
  • WII Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess 130K
  • PS2 Guitar Hero 2 w/Guitar 130K
  • 360 Gears of War119K
  • 360 Major League Baseball 2K7 113K
  • 360 Lost Planet: Extreme Condition 111K
  • WII Wario Ware Smooth Moves 109K
  • 360 NBA Street Homecourt 102k
  • The number one title was Crackdown which isn’t surprising considering it comes with the beta for Halo 3, although I’m not going to lie to ya….I thought that alone would put Crackdown over the 1 million mark(God of War II is rumoured to have already reached 1 million and it was just released a couple days ago)

    One omision from that list which is surprising is VF5 for the PS3. Such a great game but got barely any love by just selling roughly 53, 000 copies. You’d figure that PS3 owners would have been craving the next game no matter what it was(like the way 360 owners flocked to DOA4 and Prey respectively) Just goes to show you, that in NA if you develope and online game… best have online!!!

    Next month should be interesting. Thanks to for the numbers.


    ~ by goffey on March 16, 2007.

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