Final Fantasy XIII on 360? Could be


Well the internets is abuzz with news that DMC4 a once SONY PS3 exclusive is coming to the 360. Well PS3 fanboys hold on to your huggies, cuse there is more news and rumors abound abound that another so called PS3 exclusive, may not be SO EXCLUSIVE. Georges Fornay is the Vice-president of Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe and the President of SCE France. He was interviewed today considering that in 2 days the PS3 will hit Europe with the force of the 1.6 firmware update, which adds background downloading but fucks up your PS2 backward compat (no emotion engine chip for you). You gotta take the good with the bad…sucks ass.

Well Mr. Fornay had a couple of things to say about the PS3, but most important of all was on the so called Exclusivity of FFXIII.

“Sonys vice president of Computer entertainment Europe said that Final Fantasy XIII’s exclusiveness is under discussion and undecided. The development cost of games have exploded, and it’s become difficult to have exclusivity rights, except for our own games. He went on to remind us all that they will launch 30 games, some of which are Motorstorm, Resistance and Virtua Fighter. What’s more, they await 200 games on the PS3 by the end of 2007.”

This does not bode well for Sony but kick ass for gamers. I cannot see how Sony could possibly afford the full out exclusivity of FFXIII on the PS3. Given the fact that more then anything they don’t feel they need anyone and that their internal studios are more then up to snuff. While that’s debatable, One has to remember that Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica do have some hot properties and are looking into making some IP’s which could be real winners. But they would need another breakout series like God of War to really make that PS3 sing. Honestly it does seem it’s going to be a war of the first party games, something Shane Kim rencently said at GDC which also reminds me of a comment of his. Perhaps it was a hint, but he said a lot of those so called PS3 exclusives are not as exclusive as you think, and I’ll leave it at that.

Hints that FFXIII is indeed coming to the 360? Time will tell, but at most I do see a 6 month exclusive deal to the PS3. The costs for a game of that magnitude and the install base no doubt still being relatively small compared to what the 360’s will be at that time. I can see FFXIII certainly making it’s way to the 360, and really I would love to see Lost Odyssey sitting next to a FFXIII box on my entertainment rig.

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~ by Mike on March 21, 2007.

12 Responses to “Final Fantasy XIII on 360? Could be”

  1. Yeah, I think the PS3’s smallish install base can’t justify exclusivity either. Sony would have to give them a ridiculous fortune in hopes that the game would trigger PS3 adoption — a gamble I don’t Sony can make right now. Exciting, isn’t it?

  2. Goddamn you fast Niero, like the mofo Flash or something lol.

  3. That’d be awesome if it were multiplatform!!
    I’d prolly buy it for the PS3 though since it would most likely be the target SKU

  4. Either Sony stuffs Square with money or they are doomed.

    Anyway, I’ll buy the PS3 version anyway, I don’t like switching discs đŸ˜‰

  5. All games released on both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 have better graphics and more online features in the Xbox 360 versions.

    I will definitely buy the Xbox 360 version if it is released at the same time as the Playstation 3 version, or before the Playstation 3 version. If the Xbox 360 version is released afterwards, I probably won’t be as interested because I will be playing Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto 4, Resident Evil 5, Project Gotham Racing 4, Dead or Alive 5, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Duke Nuken, Shadowrun, Too Human, and especially Lost Odyssey and Mass Effect.

  6. ^^^^^^^^

    I’m not even going to waste my time addressing that assinine comment.

  7. I think an even better question is whether or not FFXIII going multiplatform would boost 360 sales in Japan.

  8. u guys got no idea wht the crap u talkin about!.Have u seen the features of ps3? it has the same graphics and more features.
    i admit that the 360 is the hottest system NOW but PS3 is the FUTURE. It whips Microsoft’s ASS! have u seen xbox games l;ately? i don’t think so
    ps2 games are still hot and running. there are no more new xbox games comin out. this will happen again to the 360 and ps3 will have games for a few more decades than the 360. U EVEN KNOW IM RIGHT! u probab;ly sayin 360 is better cuz that the only system u got! Well i got both and i still think ps3 whoops 360’s ASS!

  9. PS3 was definitely made with the future in mind. It’s ahead of it’s time. With the way the economy is, I would expect these current latest gen systems to be in the spotlight for longer than we originally anticipated, however the PS3 will probably benefit the most since it was already made with the idea of lasting longer than the normal latest gen systems in previous time.
    I finally purchased one myself and enjoy it much more than the 360. Despite the fact that FFXIII may or may not be exclusive to Playstation, I see this game much better on the PS3 in my opinion.

  10. Its coming to the Xbox 360, I am getting it for that. Because I prefer playing the 360.

  11. You have done it again. Amazing post.

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