The Lost Post : “The Man from Tallahassee”

“Picture a box, and you know something about boxes, don’t you John? Well, what if I tell you that there is a box on this island, and whatever you imagined, whatever you wanted, when you opened the box, there it would be.”

Probably one of the most powerful piece of dialogue in the whole series, and there it was in this past week’s episode. The conversation between John and the cold calculating Benjamin was nothing short of awesome, and It certainly cleared a lot of stuff, like all the moments before in the season were amounting to this moment. First, we learned that, just as many of us figured out, if John leaves the island, he’s back in that chair he dreads so much. That there is something, some sort of power that allows John to be walking again, and Rose to be cured of her fatal tumor. Apparently, this power is sort of summoned by that person’s will, and this certainly adds to the theory going around that the events on the island are summoned by those that inhabit it. Take John, the center stage of this episode, the guy spends most of his life moping in sadness for everything that has happened to him, and how his father ruined his life. Since his father, a con man, plays with him and makes him donate him one of his kidneys and then disappears, John becomes a very weak and angry person. In this state he meets Helen, who loves him for who he is and implores him to forget about his father, but he cant, and as much as he tries, his father is always back to screw his life. First by stealing his kidney, then by breaking his relationship with Helen, and then, as revealed in this episode, being the one responsible for John being in a wheelchair. John is a destroyed person, but he is born again in the island. His will for wanting to walk again and being a hunter and one with nature allows him to regain the feel of his legs and get up from day one. Since then, he is more or less the island’s spiritual guru, one with nature, hunting boars and throwing knives with intense accuracy, but the question remains, did he knew all this by reading about hunting while being in his wheelchair? Or were his abilities also summoned from the “box” in the island as well? It seems now that thanks to the island John is an expert at everything, since he also knew where to strategically place the C4 so it would bring down the whole structure of the Submarine, or maybe he willed it to happen that way, just like maybe he willed himself to win that Chess game against the computer because he wanted to win so bad. Reaching? Maybe, but I think the nurse in this episode put it best when he told John “You fell 8 stories and survived, I don’t want you to tell me what you cannot do”

 Then let’s take Rose, the cancer patient who was miraculously cured on the island. Not only was she cured on the island, but her husband was returned to her. After this episode, more than ever I believe that her husband Is alive because of the summoning power of the island. Her thoughts about her Husband being alive never wavered, she was always sure of it since the day we met her. And sure enough, there was dear Bernard, stuck in his chair atop a three, waiting to be rescued. Now, think about this, who is the only one from the tail section that is still alive and not captured by the others? Bernard, that’s who. Now, realize this, we all saw how the tail crashed into the beach, it was spinning and doing all kinds of twirls before it landed, but people survived anyways miraculously, Bernard among them. Now, think about this, we have seen how Bernard is, do you really think he would have been able to trek the island all the way to his wife if it hadn’t been for Ana Lucia and Mr. Eko, fellow survivors? And as soon as Bernard is safely with his wife, people from the Tail section begin dying one by one, until only Bernard is left; now that is some powerful will power from Rose that made all this happen. Call me crazy for what I’m stating, but after this episode, I strongly believe everyone on the plane is there alive because they have a purpose, and that purpose is the will of someone, whoever one summoned them to the island (maybe Jacob?) The point is that the plane is no accident, they are there because they had to, because they were destined to. We are told constantly that life is all about choices, but in the Lost universe, they never choose anything, and all their actions build up to that plane crash. Fate is a powerful concept in Lost. John could have chosen to go with Helen and forget his father, and if he had, he may never have ended in the wheelchair, therefore the Plane, in the first place. But he did go after his father, he was pushed from a window 8 stories high, lost his ability to walk, decided to go to Australia to find himself, and ended up in the island, regaining his ability to walk as soon as he was there. Take this and make it what you will, but to me, this episode cleared up a lot of things and mysteries of the island. Its like that Old woman told Desmond in “Flashes before your eyes” (I really think she is an other, I don’t know about you) She tells Desmond “You do not end up in the Island because you chose to, You end up there because you are supposed to” and this same thing can be said for everyone living in the island.

-“You are not gonna start talking about the ‘magic box’ again, are you?”
-“No John, I’m gonna show you what came out of it”

And then the explosive ending, where John is taken to a room to help him out.

-“Why would you want to help me?”
-“Because I’m in a wheelchair John, and you are not”

And then, boom, inside the room is John’s dad, summoned to the island, ‘coming out of the magic box’ one would say. Now, John is again facing his dad, after all those years when the last time he saw him, he was hurling him out a window. Will the new, stronger “boar hunting” John take care of things a different way, or what will happen from here on? Nobody knows, but if anything, this episode made me regain my faith in the show like ever before.

Final thoughts:

Why is Jack trying to be so macho?

It seems that Jack wants to be the most macho guy you have ever met, and between trying to be the official hero of the island, wearing sleeveless shirts for more than 3/4s of the show, and the tattoos, it’s like he is trying too hard. Want any more proof; in this episode he does the very macho move of turning a chair so he faces the back of the chair when he sits on it, yet again. I keep expecting him to walk into a place and punch a Jukebox so it starts playing music.

Wow, Kate Austen really sucks

Are you tired of Kate? I sure am, it seems that she is always causing this 90201 drama around the island, and always screwing up Jack’s plan. Then we are shown how she countlessly uses men and then hurts them for her own selfish reasons, especially that cop dude she married, or her high school sweetheart, who she got killed by the way. Not only does she breaks Jack’s heart by doing the naked rumble with Sawyer in front of a camera, while Jack watches from a security monitor, now she treks across the island and brings John with her, and with that comes the explosion of the sub, which shatters Jack dream of finally leaving the island. Way to go Kate, you absolutely suck.

Those kids have a wild imagination

With the box analogy also comes something quite important to think about. Ben tells us that whatever you imagined would be in the box, or rather, whatever you willed to happen with your imagination, it would be summoned by the island. This certainly sheds some light on why the concentration on the kids, and why they take them first. We only see them limited times, and there is a swing set in Othersville, so kids are running amok someplace, we just never see them, but kids have always been labeled with having the most active imagination, so I’m willing to bet they play a really important role about the events in the island. Example? Sure, Walt is given a polar bear when he is a kid, and then he reads a lot a comic in the island where there is a polar bear as an enemy. Does that and the polar bears in the island have any connection?

Ben is a sly dude

Oh, by the way, Ben has to be the most calculating bad guy out there, he definitely rocked this episode, from the moments he planned the explosion of the sub, and even telling John about Jack’s deal to leave the island, Ben had everything planned out from the beginning. His most devilish moment is when he tells Jack “You have my word, Ill let your friends go as soon as you leave the island” I’m amazed he kept his composure after saying that, I would have thrown in an evil laugh just for kicks, provided he knew before hand Jack was not leaving the island at all.


~ by Ernie on March 25, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Lost Post : “The Man from Tallahassee””

  1. When did you write this? There are some things here/”your ideas” that I’ve read before from a whole bunch of different sources. None the less Good review. Love the part about Rose and Bernard. My only other constructive critizism lol is maybe instead of saying ” that cop dude” or referencing other character you could maybe use their names. That could just make you seem to know a bit more. Most ppl would forget thier names and you the writer knowing their names would then recieve the ” oh yeah that’s his name” or “wow I totally forgot about that” or the ” Wow can’t believe you know all that”. Anyways good review hope next weeks is even better 🙂

    P.S. I came by the way from Dark’s site. Hopefully he may put you up there. But it’s brutal over there lol so good luck!

  2. Yeah, you may have read some of my ideas before, this is just a combination of my personal opinion with different theories and ideas i have read from different places, including the darkufo site. About the only thing I cleanly came up with on my own with no other influence is the Rose/Bernarnd bit.

    Oh hell yeah that site is brutal lol, they would eat me there 😀

  3. Ernie said…
    “Hey, thanks for the comment, I wanted some input, I replied to you there btw, thanks a bunch! :P”

    You’re welcome. You got 4 diggs and no comments so I figured I would be the first. Glad you are honest about taking some of the ideas lol I’ve come across some who take an idea and run with it, but then again that’s how theories grow so it isn’t bad. Even though it’s brutal over at DARK’s I’ll give you props for getting your ideas out there.Good luck.

  4. Great episode.

    That is what concerns me though because the last time Lost had a really good episode (Desmond flashback) it dropped the ball the following week. Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

    By the way, does Ben remind anyone else of Kevin Spacey (acting wise)?

  5. dreads


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